How To Cope When Your Favorite Team Loses A Big Game

We all love supporting our favorite teams. Whether we used to play for them, or they're in the city we call home, we support our favorite teams through thick and thin.

While we may look at these athletes as sub-human, or in some cases icons, they're human just like us. Of course, like any human, they make mistakes and come up short more often than not. While we many of us are certainly envious of fans of teams like Alabama Football or the New England Patriots, even they don't win every year.

It's easy to become bitter after a painful loss and perhaps even question the loyalty to your team because of what they put you through, but you can come out stronger and more passionate on the other side. It's perfectly okay if a loss deeply affects you. It's okay if it's more than a game to you.

If you are struggling getting over a big loss, here are some ways to cope:

1. Let your feelings out. 

Get it all out. Yell, cry, scream, jump up and down and do whatever you need to do so that your emotions can escape. Festering on built up anger at this loss only leads to more built up anger. Don't keep it all bottled up. Don't lash out your anger or sadness out on anyone, and don't let it out on your TV. It's okay to be sad.

2. Get off of social media and tv.

The media and social media can pour down on your team, and make you feel even worse about the outcome of the game. Going over every play and reminding us of our failure. Also, Having to your cousin who roots for the other team rejoice in your failure isn't something you need right now. You need to focus on recovering, and hearing all these analysts dump on your team only makes you feel worse.

3. Talk to others who feel the same way. 

While staying away from social media is a necessary step, talking to people who can empathize with you can do you a lot of good. If you know someone who is just as upset and hurt as you are about the game, give them a call. Talking through how you feel with someone who feels the same way is a really good way to cope with a huge loss. Helping someone else deal with their pain will make you feel better.

4. Look back at the season as a whole. 

Look back at all the games that had to be won to reach this point and see that you are still a success. You had to beat out a lot of other teams to get where you are now. It sucks to not end the season as number one but that doesn't mean the whole season was a loss. If no one expected you to get this far, think about how you defied expectations.

5. Realize it's not over. 

Unless your team is going away forever, its not the end of the world. It may feel like it for a couple weeks, but your optimism will return again soon. Each team has experienced painful memories and utter joy, it's part of the beauty of sports.

Don't give up on your team. We all lose in big and small ways everyday. Your team knows that they let your fanbase down. Continue to support your team and show up to their games and practices. You mean more to them than you know and they are lucky to have you in their corner. 

A big loss doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. The memory will always be there, but it doesn't mean that the team and the fan base can't rise above it. It's part of the deal when it comes with being a fan of sports.

Image Credit: Melanie Maxwell, MLive

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