How to Crush it as a Writer is a platform where people from all walks of life can help each other reach their goals. That being said, features many different topics and has many different types of readers, so the question is, can you become a successful writer?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Goals users tend to care about one thing in particular: they want to better themselves. At the end of the day, the kind of stories that are going to explode are the ones that make people feel good. Whether it’s feeling smarter, excited, inspired, or simply comforted, users want information that’s going to help them follow their passions.

This kind of content could come from anywhere and be in any form, so here are 8 tips to help you become an impassioned, informative, interesting and successful writer:

1. Make A Bio That Reflects Who You Are

This seems pretty intuitive, right? But, what isn’t intuitive is breaking away from the classic “Bob Smith. Salesman at ABC Company. Chicago, IL” bio, and creating one that actually reflects you. Your Bio should be your elevator pitch about who you are, what topics you may write about, and why people should follow you. Don’t just make it about what you do or where you live, but also what you love to do and what your goals are. For example, plain old Bob Smith the salesman is actually,

“Bob Smith. Salesman extraordinaire. Wannabe chef. Lover of the environment.” Who knew Bob was such a softie on the inside? Important: (70 character or less)

2. Write What You Know

Use your expertise from the professional world to come up with topics. What inspires you to do what you do? What failures or successes along the way helped you get where you are? What are some of the lessons you learned? What are the tricks or shortcuts you use everyday to make yourself more successful? Use the experience you’ve gained in your life to help others do better in theirs.

Remember isn’t just there for you to help others, it’s a community. Use as a sounding board to refine your own professional or personal life by sharing new ideas, thoughts, concerns, or experiences you’ve had that you could use some advice or feedback on. Odds are, someone has had a similar experience.

Here are some examples of members who used "write what you know" to create some very popular content:

3. Write often

Short, frequent, to the point posts beat the opposite. So, get your thoughts out there so you can make room for your next big idea.

4. Remember your Readers is comprised of all different types of people, who have at least one thing in common: they’re trying to be better. Be conversational, light hearted, and relatable. And remember that readers are looking for new inspiration, tips, tricks, and any other information that will help them reach their goals. Use graphics, videos, bold headings, lists and infographics whenever you can. And, above all, do your best to be interesting and informative.

5. Give it a Good Headline

A headline can carry a lot of weight, since its the hook that draws people in to read your article. Keep your headline clear, informative, and intriguing. Give readers a good idea of what your article is about, but feel free to leave a little bit of suspense to draw readers in. If you are having trouble choosing a headline, come up with a few different versions, and ask friends or colleagues which they like better, or simply come back to it later with fresh eyes.

6. Take a Page from Comedians

Comedians never seem to have a lack of material. Why? They use the news and pop culture for fuel. If you ever find yourself at a loss for good material, you can do the same. Did some celebrity just lose a ton of weight? Explain how they did it, and whether or not it’s a method that should be used. Is there a startup that’s generating headlines? Explain how they got this far, or relate it back to your own experience starting a new business. Some big name recently get promoted/hired/arrested? Offer tips on what he or she has to do next.

Here are some examples of Goals members that used the news as a conversation starter:

7. Link, Link, Link

Give credit wherever and whenever you can: whether quoting, citing or using images. Even if you just saw or read something that inspired you to write an article, cite it. Use links and source lines liberally, Goals users are always looking for more information so they can educate and inspire themselves to reach their goals, so feel free to link, link, link. The more the merrier.

8. Share!

After you’ve published an article, tell everyone. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tell your family, email it to your colleagues. Spread the word, and start building your following. The more you share, they more people you’ll reach, and the more impact you’ll have.