How to Establish a Productive Atmosphere

Productivity is unquestionably essential to become successful. There are an infinite amount of things you can do to be productive, such as regular exercise, it’s a great method of productivity. However, in many aspects of life, you’ll have to get things done sitting still, more than likely in front of a computer screen. I personally have trouble staying on track sometimes. It can be excruciatingly difficult for me to dive in on a particular task that must be accomplished. Like most people, I would put off a lot these tasks until the hours started to close in. This is known as procrastination, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

However, there are times when I’ve really stepped up my game. I filled my day with productivity, getting every responsibility off my plate one by one. When those situations arise, I often have to work a little harder at it to fully focus in. Over the years, I have found certain methods that worked effectively for me so that I could finish what I started.

Listen to Ambient Music

A nice quiet sound has worked wonders for me over the past several years. I don’t like working in silence, but I’m not going to blast heavy metal or rap either because it’s entirely too distracting for me to get things done. Personally, I like to play instrumental music, specifically nice scores from films and nice mellow indie music. They’re nice and calming and I can work with ease. Alternatively, if I’m really unfocused I’ll turn on a 10 hour loop of the sound of a thunderstorm. That’s done wonders on writing long essays on subject matter I wasn’t too thrilled about.

Personal Recommendation: The original score from the 2013 movie Her, that soundtrack has done wonders for me.

Eat Before Work

One of the biggest factors that distracts me is my empty stomach. I’m sure this is fairly common, but it is so hard to work when I’m hungry. All focus goes out the window when there’s food on my mind. While it’s important to eat, I would eat something that will satisfy you for a couple of hours. Don’t get anything that will put you in a food coma like a half pound burger or a huge burrito. Focus on the mission at hand.

Natural Light (not the crap beer)

I find myself more responsive to productivity if I’m exposed to a natural light. The quiet environment you should establish should be a positive space in which to work. You need to include light, preferably natural light. It’ll help you be so much more effective. Sheltering yourself in a cave-like atmosphere only adds to the pressure of responsibility and makes me less relaxed.

Go for a Walk

It doesn’t matter if I use this method as a preface to my work or do it in between, going on a nice walk is a great method of relaxation, centering me out right away. A lot of people will take something like a TV or a phone break, but that can sometimes trap you for hours. Netflix breaks particularly are a dangerous game to play. I can’t think of a bigger killer of productivity, especially for students. Go for a walk instead, keep your body moving and some fresh air.

Plan Out a Reward

If I gorge into a giant meal or go on a content binge after I’ve had a good few hours of productivity, I feel absolutely overjoyed because I truly earned the moment. So what I do is that I specifically set out something pleasurable that I allow myself to do once the obligatory tasks I have to do are completed. There’s nothing quite like vegging out after a hard day’s work. There’s a perfect quote for this strategy that makes me do it time and time again. It comes from Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari. Tom says, “Sometimes you have to work A LITTLE, so you can ball A LOT.”

Hopefully if you experience the same kind of troubles I do, you’ll take some of these tactics into account and see how they work for you. There aren’t many better feelings than the knowledge that you saw a project through from start to finish. While responsibilities can be incredibly anguishing sometimes, it doesn’t top the sensation from accomplishment.