How To Forge Healthy Friendships As An Adult

Getting lost in our lives and finding our friendships fade into the background is something we all deal with.  Between work, family, and other obligations, it is easy to lose sight of your need for diverse social interactions.  While the 21st century has seen the rise of many new technologies, all centered around supplementing some of the lost interaction in our modern world, it is important that we make an effort to not only maintain relationships with one another, but give them the investment they need to grow and flourish. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do in order to build and maintain new relationships as an adult: 

Reach Out

When we are busy with our own lives, often times so much so that we rely on our friends or family to reach out to us to organize a social activity, even it just means coming over to watch the football game.  Relying on others to maintain your social life, however, is not a productive way for you to maintain relationships with others.  You need to take on some of the responsibility yourself.  5It may seem like a burden, or nerve wracking to begin interacting with coworkers and old friends, but it is important that we all take it upon ourselves to forge relationships.

Individual relationships can range from small things, like getting lunch or taking a break together, to larger things, like inviting people over for dinner.  Reaching out to those around you is an important step in ensuring that you are taking care of your personal needs for social interaction.  Even if you are very close to a tight knit group of friends, spreading your wings a bit will help you not only become a friendlier person, but bring more perspective into your life.  It will help you find new tastes, open up new opportunities, and bring you closer to your community.

Working With Introversion

Many people find themselves very introverted, and may balk at the prospect of meeting new people.  Personally, I find it very overwhelming to be thrust into an unfamiliar social situation.  However, even the most content hermit needs someone to talk to from time to time.  Taking small steps and going beyond being simply cordial are important for gaining the confidence to stand in social situations and expand into new circles.

When it comes to introversion and extroversion, it is important to remember that our personalities are not set in stone.  You can grow your ability to navigate social situations, not necessarily to become the center of attention everywhere you go, but so that you learn to carry on conversations with anyone you meet.  This will help you fulfill your basic human need to interact with other people.  We are at our happiest when we can go through life knowing that we are not alone and can benefit from what other people can bring into our lives. 

Pick Your Friends

While it may feel as though you are at a disadvantage in terms of meeting new people as an adult, lacking the schoolyard setting that made forging friendships as children very easy, you have one major advantage now that you never did!  You are no longer bound to meeting people within a fixed proximity to yourself.  Hobby groups and different kinds of clubs exist both in your area and on the net, which can help you meet people who will share interests with you.  These groups can help you foster new relationships with people who share some of your common interests. 

You should feel free to take advantage of these opportunities as a chance to explore new interests and meet new people.  If you are afraid of not having much to bring to the table, take solace in knowing that simply going to learn will lead to further social interaction.

There are many people out there who enjoy making friends, and would love to get to know you. Occasionally, you will come across someone who invites you into their life and makes you their friend.  It may not feel like it is within your nature to be the instigator of friendships, but it is an important skill to take steps towards developing.  Being able to make friendships with new people will make life easier.  We find new opportunities for meeting new people everyday; joining a new company, moving to a new city or neighborhood, or attending various social gatherings throughout your community.  Making new friends is easy.  It just requires us to be confident and outgoing, and new friends will start filling up your calendar in no time.