How To Get Past Your Own Limitations

People’s perceptions, truthfully, are based on very, very limited things and it’s not difficult to shake them up by things as miniscule as dressing differently. Their perceptions of you should not limit who you think you are, where you want to go or what you want to do. Here are four easy steps to reinforcing who you want to be and breaking past limitations.

Know Yourself

People who are very insecure especially often try to pinpoint the weaknesses in others not simply to feel better than them but simply to bring others down to their miserable level. If you are around these sorts of people long enough, your sense of self will inevitably end up poisoned by them to some degree. Realize who you really are and the gifts that you have to provide the world. Do not feel any sense that you need to apologize or explain to anyone else, because you don’t. You are you.

Know What You Want

Limitations hold you back. As such, if you want to see yourself, past these, imagine where you want to go. In the 2017 film Mudbound, a young African-American girl in Mississippi tells her family that she wants to be a typist. One of her brothers interjects that they’ll “never allow a colored typist,” to which her father, Rob Morgan, interjects that “your sister will be the first.” The family in that film is surrounded by ugly racism in the deep south but the character of Morgan continued to hold on to his personal sense of self worth in the face of white people who thought he and his family had none. In doing this, he showed he made more worth than any of them.

Accept Valid Criticism

Here is the crux: In the face of hate, it is right to reject it and to keep moving forward and even to fight back if it is really bad. However, arrogance will bring you down in whatever endeavor you seek out in life. If you are in error, you must accept criticism and adjust.

Defy Expectations

There is something, for most people, that they really never thought they would do. Perhaps that is as extreme as sky diving or as mundane as getting a task done in a timely manner. Take a class in a topic you know very little about. Learn a few words in a language completely divorced from your own. Whatever it is, go for what you have never done, in order to prove to yourself how capable you are.

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