How to Get Started with Self-Publishing


New authors are now self-publishing their work. They develop an idea, start writing, and publish through Amazon. But there’s more to self-publishing than just getting the words on paper. Here’s what you need to know in order to become a successfully self-published author.

Do your research

You need to know what people are actually reading. Go to Amazon and search for the top 100 books. Find out what genres are selling well in the market. Make a list of book ideas and create an outline for the topic you plan to write about.

Get a designer to help you with the book cover

While we're instructed not to, some readers do judge the book by its cover. They are more likely to pick up your book if it piques their interest. A good cover design will attract more readers. Don't be afraid to spend a little money by hiring a designer, this is an investment in your literature.

Publish a blog for your book

Write articles about the book you intend to publish. This way you’d be able to start marketing the book before it is even out in the market. Share every article you published through social media and get more followers. Getting some good publicity for your work can make your efforts go far.

Follow your passion

Write what you know. The book has to be useful, creative, and entertaining. It should not bore your readers. An author once said: “The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book.” You should be able to hold a reader’s attention up to the last chapter. Every ounce of passion should be poured into your writing, your content will properly display your passion. Don't just do it for the potential pay day, write what you're passionate about.

Get an editor

There are things you will overlook no matter how good a writer you are. Get a professional editor to review and re-review your work. A single mistake could discourage readers. Often, e-books are filled with spelling and grammatical errors, but that doesn't have to be reflected in your book. Make it seem like it was professionally published.

Get book reviews

Good reviews can encourage the reader especially if they are from reputable sources like the New York Times or The Washington Post. First time authors could make use of book reviews from friends or bloggers since it would be difficult to get reviews from major publications. Convince them to write one for you. Make sure they also give you a 5-star rating at Amazon.

Market, market, market

Your book needs exposure. Otherwise, people wouldn’t know it's out there for them to read and purchase. Utilize social media for this. Let all your friends and family members know that you have a book out there. Have it mentioned in other people’s blogs and never stop marketing your work. It’s the only way to make more sales.

You don’t need a traditional publisher to make more book sales. Yes, success in self publishing is possible if you actually know how everything works.

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