How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

I get asked this frequently from parents. Clients are astonished that my kids not only eat vegetables, they will request vegetables to eat when I am putting together the grocery list (read How Many Dinners Do You Have To Make Each Night?).

Here is a trick that has worked phenomenally in our household. When I take my kids to the Farmer's Market or grocery store, I enable them to pick out which produce they want to eat. For example, I will tell them, "We need 5 cucumbers for this week. Can you pick out which ones we should eat?" My kids are more than happy to decide which ones to get. Ironically, they have more strict standards than me!

In addition to the grocery store, I will get my kid's input what vegetables we will grow in the garden. My 9 year old loves basil so much that he has his own plant which he can pick basil from at any time. Last year he decided to grow radishes. Normally, he never consumed radishes but because HE picked the plant, the radishes were now the greatest vegetable ever. Having ownership of your food is critical for your kids to branch out to try new foods.

What are you to do?

When shopping, instead of you picking out the items, enable your children to do the shopping. You will be surprised as to how a previously disgusting vegetable, is suddenly is pretty delicious.


Steven Zahn

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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