How to Reach Your Goals in 10 Minutes

Let’s face it; today’s world doesn’t always have time to wait.

…nor does today’s world want to wait. It slows down the pace, throws us off balance, and gets in the way of us being able to accomplish what we want. The act of waiting is, to a lot of us, a huge burden.

This ties in with our goal-setting habits; many of us have the idea in our heads that once we think of a goal we’d like to achieve, as long as we keep thinking of that goal, it’ll happen, be it through luck or hard work or actual magic. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen,” you’ll say. If it doesn’t happen soon enough, maybe it won’t happen at all. It’s a scary thought, wondering if you’ll ever actually achieve the goals you set for yourself. A second of doubt can ruin hours, days, or even years of work and waiting.

What if the key to reaching just about any goal you want is setting aside 10 minutes of your time?

Pick a day and time. You know yourself best; are you motivated on Monday mornings, while you have your coffee? Do you function best at midnight? Is Sunday a day you spend preparing for the week ahead? Really consider yourself and your needs so that you can build a time slot that is focused on when you work best.

00:00 to 02:00: Once you reach your designated 10 minute time slot, take some breaths. Close your eyes, stare at the ceiling—whatever you have to do to let go of the thoughts crowding your mind, do it. This will help you to have a clearer head before you focus your energy on your goals.

02:00 to 03:00: Think of your goal, and write it down. This can be in your journal, on a napkin, or on your phone. Whatever you have in front of you, make sure you’re able to have a physical manifestation of the goal you have in your mind.

03:00 to 05:00: Next, give yourself a few minutes to scribble down some steps or notes you think will be helpful in reaching the goal you wrote down. If you want to be able to run 5 miles, for example, what are some tangible actions you can take to ensure that this goal is happening? Don’t judge yourself for what pops into your head; whatever it is, write it out. You can edit those steps next.

05:00 to 07:00: Look back at those steps you wrote down. How many of them are actually relevant? Are there any that could act as goals on their own? Is every step directly a part of the process of achieving the initial goal you set? Scratch off anything that doesn’t seem to make sense.

07:00 to 09:00: With the remaining steps you have in front of you, physically make a mark next to the most important ones. Let’s use the goal from earlier again: in order to run 5 miles, you’ll probably need to make sure you have a solid pair of running shoes, which could cause that to be a priority. Maybe finding a running buddy is important to you, or you need to map out a route. What are going to be the most crucial steps toward reaching your goal?

09:00 to 10:00: Take another few breaths. Then, write down a few notes to yourself to keep yourself motivated as you start to work toward your goal. How are you feeling in that moment? Motivated? Scared? Excited? Take stock of your emotions so that you can remind yourself why you started this goal-setting journey in the first place if you find yourself at a lack of inspiration or drive.

Find a way to implement this in your life, and you'll find yourself closer to your goals than ever before!

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