How to Thrive Under Pressure at Work

Showing composure at the workplace is one thing that many people lack, especially when under severe pressure. There can be increased demand from your boss or a change in the managerial structure that can make your day to day more difficult. When under so much pressure, you must be able to stay composed through any adverse circumstances you're experiencing. This will make you a better employee now, and help you with situations in the future. Here are some ways to stay calm and positive at your job under high scrutiny.

Problem Solve

Have you ever been in a situation where nothing seems to go your way? If you're working with a team, you should find someone to confide in to help you solve any persisting problems. If you're by yourself, then you need to do detach yourself from the situation and brainstorm ways to get things done. Turn of all your screens if you can, and just grab a pen and paper and let your mind do all of the work. Try to remove as much stress from the situation as possible. 

When you stay composed and positive when things are tough, it will be difficult for people to notice that you feel this way, and they'll know that you're someone to be counted on. Sure enough, when you enhance your focus, you'll suddenly feel that weight off your shoulders as well.

Be fearless

Exude confidence at all times. This will let others around you know that you can be counted on. If you think you have an idea that will innovate, or help complete an important project, don't be afraid to pursue it. Again, it's always good to seek the opinion of others, but mostly, you just need to buckle down and think about the mission at hand. Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board. Think efficiency, and think innovatively.

Have a great mentality

Treat every new challenge as an opportunity to both learn and succeed so you aren't flustered if you end up doing the same project again someday. Most importantly, you need to keep the best mentality possible, and attack the situation with optimism. You should be given all of the resources to problem solve, now you just need to channel your ambition to create results. Don't panic, and remain positive. If you were selected for a difficult project or to resolve a tricky issue, it means that you are a dependable employee.

Be Accountable

A crucial part of taking on a new project or role at work is being held accountable for all things good and bad. Don't point fingers at others for any shortcomings, ask for help. If you need something to get the job done, make sure you get it. Your company wants you to succeed, and if you do everything in your power to solve the problem. It's okay to admit when you're struggling. The worst thing you can do is try to make some kind of excuse or blame it on the company for your shortcomings.

Never forget the old adage that hard work pays off. Above everything else, make sure you work as diligently as possible. There's no need to panic if you take everything by the reins and give it your all.