How To Transform Your Morning In 3 Fun Steps

Time is money. Time is power. Time is compared to just about everything nowadays. Squeezing more tasks into the same limited hours of your day leaves you multitasking to the point of exhaustion.

What if there's a better way?

Waking up a mere 15 minutes earlier and using that time specifically for your health will change your entire morning. Most of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button at least once every morning. Why? It's because we dread the onslaught of thoughts and to do lists that our brains have stored up for us during our too brief sleep.

Give yourself a simple and well thought out routine that you can enjoy doing and suddenly you'll start waking up before your alarm goes off ready to go.

Ok, so what's this magic routine? While it's going to be different for everybody, it should follow three basic guidelines:

Wake Up Your Body

Pick whatever version of warm up exercise suits you, but keep it short and sweet. Imagine it's right before a big game or performance and you need to psych yourself up. Maybe shadow boxing is your thing. Others will get more out of an exercise where they can beat their high score, like most push ups, sit ups, etc. Get your heart pumping by doing something fun and your body will wake up much faster.

Play A Game

For the rest of your day, you may not have a moment to relax. Take a few minutes and wake up your brain. Just make sure it's not anything on your phone! Give your eyes and your brain a change of scenery from screens. You could play darts, practice a card trick, or work on a piece of art. Studies show that variety stimulates the brain into higher functioning, so take advantage of a way to have fun and prepare for the day at the same time.

Calm Your Thoughts

After your body and your brain are ready to take on the world, take some time to center yourself and set priorities for the day to come. Too many of us let a thousand thoughts bombard our brains every minute of the day. Learning to take control and find the eye of the hurricane is essential to a successful day. Meditation is ideal, but not all people are ready for it. Calming your thoughts can be achieved by merely writing a list of the most important tasks for your day. Which things will make you proud at the end of the day?

It's Time To Change Your Mindset

These three tasks may seem too simple to be of any help, but their simplicity is the whole point. The hardest part about waking up is transitioning into a mental state that you dread. Take a moment and think about how you feel when you wake up on vacation. Those days are full of opportunity and excitement, and you know it the second that you open your eyes. It's time to take a little bit of that mindset and make it an everyday experience. Once you start your day with some fun and purpose, your whole life will begin to seem a whole lot more bearable.

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