How You Can Fail Your Way to Personal Growth

Everybody has a dream deep down. We set and break goals, pushing ourselves to the limit to attain the visions of our future self. Initially, failure to achieve one of these goals can be a very painful experience when we recollect all the blood, sweat and tears given. But failure can actually be one of the most important ingredients in our recipes for success.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Failure is often an indicator of how bad an individual wants to achieve the dreams being pursued. Being cut from a sports team, having your writing rejected by publishers, and a laundry list of other denials could be enough for some to abandon their dreams. Those who quit will eventually regret taking the easier road. When you don't quit, resiliancy is forged, courage is built, and determination is set in stone. These individuals chose to work harder and longer to overcome their failures. Choosing to not give up is the beginning of falling into growth.

Learning Through Failure

Coming up short also proves that more learning needs to be done. Does a basketball player need to change his or her technique to improve their shot? Does a writer need to examine what successful writers have done in the past to be successful? The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing. If you are always told that your life work is perfect one hundred percent of the time, you would never fully comprehend the vast amount of knowledge out there to make us better.

Generational Improvement

Our failures today will not only help us improve, but our children as well. If we fail, we can help our youth by teaching them what worked, as well as what didn't. That's why it's so important to surround yourself with seasoned veterans in whatever you do. They have seen a lot more than you, and have a lot to teach if you will take the time to listen. In this way, younger generations can avoid some of the pitfalls previous generations have already experienced. The next time you fail and think about giving up, think about the future generation you would be letting down.

Failure is often a very painful experience, particularly when it involves something you passionately care about. However, failure is not the be all end all for our dreams. Don't ever give up! Always keep trying, learning, and teaching. You will become stronger, wiser, and a mentor to the next generation.

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