How You Can Make Money From Your Blog

For the people who write and actually maintain their blogs, it can be considered a therapeutic experience. It’s a great way to spend time writing about things you’re passionate about and facilitate a discussion with those who feel the same type of passion. Even, if you’re in this for the love of your subject, there are ways to make money off of your blog. The digital age has brought us endless possibilities. Here  are ways for your blog to become a booming business.

1. Write strong content

This is where a potential revenue is built, you must start by writing content that engages your readers and makes them want to visit your site again and again. What you’re aiming to do is establish an intimate relationship of sorts with your reader. You want them to trust you, and make your words as good as gold. This may be the hardest part of earning your money, but it’s the most important. It’s your readers giving you the capabilities to thrive. Also, make sure you engage with your readers. When you’re at your smallest stages, be sure to give thoughtful responses to comments. Create a dialogue that will make your readers come back.

2. Advertise

If you’ve built up a viewership that’s potent enough to get advertisers interested in partnering with you, pat yourself on the back. This is how a majority of internet publications earn their revenue, and you’ve done it all by yourself. If you’re concerned about selling out, there are a lot of nuanced ways to advertise to people. For instance, if you’re running a popular travel blog, you can post a video or an article with pictures talking about the new suitcase you’re using and why you love it so much. If you just happened to get paid for doing that, then more power to you!

3.  Offer exclusive content for a fee

By offering some kind of enticing content that your subscribers feel is valuable, you give yourself the opportunity to make money. Before you do this, think of why your subscribers read or watch your blog, and think of something to bring them in on a paid membership. It could be anything from a sweepstakes that incorporates your advertising partners, to some kind of skype Q&A, to free merchandise. The possibilities are endless, just make sure it matches the wants of your subscribers.

4. Merchandise

Merchandising is a method tested throughout time, and has been proven to make money. If you have some sort of punchy catchphrase that your viewers love, stick it on a big cozy sweatshirt and sell those bad boys. If people enjoy your creations, whatever it may be, produce as many as you can and sell them. People are reading your blog because they want what you have, and if there’s a way to make money by giving them that slice of your life via a cookbook, crocheted oven mitt, or t-shirt, you need to pursue the opportunity.

Odds are unless you have a big profile in the industry or passion you write about, it’s going to be hard to get your blog to the point where it can generate revenue. Persistence is absolutely essential when creating a successful blog. Be sure to promote your work and champion the work of others. Build relationships through your words or videos and simply keep at it. One day when you get an email from a company looking to advertise with you, you’ll realize how far you’ve come and how you can truly make money from your passion. A little bit every day goes a long way. Happy blogging!