If I Finish My Broccoli, Can I Have My Vitamins, Please?

If I finish my broccoli, can I have my vitamins, pleeease!?

This is a common question my children at the dinner table ask at the ages of 6 and 3 years of age, as well as my 22 month old. Cecilia asks in her 22 month old language, "mitamins pweese?" The joy my kids get is similar to Christmas morning as they grab their Animal Parade Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement.

Why do I use Animal Parades vs. other companies? (Keep in mind, I do not receive commission on a competitor's product.)

Reason #1

My kids love them. I used to give them LifeTime's kid's chewables and they were fine with them. Unfortunately, due to lack of sales, LifeTime discontinued the product, which made me quite nervous.

Who else made a quality children's vitamin?

I reached out to my contacts at LifeTime Corp. and they said there is one that you will love. Boy, were they right! The vitamins are of the quality I am looking for, and the kids really love the taste. Because of the love for these vitamins, I leverage the vitamins to have my kids finish their meals.

I am a believer that you have to introduce a food so many times before a person will like it...especially at an early age. It can be difficult trying to have your child understand this concept. Because they actually enjoy eating these vitamins, I can use them as leverage. Whatever is being served for a meal, they will fuss less in order to get their delicious vitamins.

Reason #2

No artificial colors or preservatives! I repeat, NO artificial color or preservatives!

Reason #3

400IU of Vitamin D and 5mg of Iron, as well as all the other vitamins/minerals being optimal.

So, if your children are having difficulty eating dinner or your worried your children aren’t getting the nutrients they need, Animal Parade Children's Animal Parade Chewable Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is an option I advise you to try.

Written by Steven Zahn