Improve Your Life With Help From Author Paul Smith

There are hundreds of books out there dedicated to helping you improve your lifestyle, eating habits, work productivity, study habits, and any other category you can possibly think of. Business and industry leaders are also constantly writing new books and journal articles that cover everything from sales techniques to market trends. Even personal ‘How To’ books are easy to come by to help you develop both your personal and professional skills.

If you are looking for some valuable and productive reading material, consider author Paul Smith. A former management leader at Proctor & Gamble, Smith has spent his time since P&G writing two books on the subjects of business and parenting.  In his books, Smith compiles stories that he has heard from his experiences talking with thousands of professionals and individuals, asserting that the power of storytelling can be an effective tool for inspiring and educating people, regardless of the subject matter.

Lead with a Story

Smith’s first book, Lead with a Story: A Guide To Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire, is a collection of 100 stories that focus on business and leadership. The stories explore 21 of the most common challenges that business leaders and managers face, especially when working with a team of people. These challenges include everything from goal setting to team building, and even innovative thinking.

The stories come from individual professionals that Smith has encountered over the years during his time with P&G. Stories from companies like P&G, Kellog’s, Merrill-Lynch, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, and many more are all featured to help Smith demonstrate the effective power of storytelling in business, as opposed to more conventional methods like memos or PowerPoint presentations. The idea is to use storytelling as a way to inspire businesses to plan for the future by setting goals and working towards achieving them.

Parenting with a Story

Smith uses the same approach for his second book, Parenting with a Story: Real Life Lessons in Character For Parents and Children To Share. This book is a collection of 100 powerful stories from people all around the world that convey life lessons and characteristics that parents want their children to learn. The idea here is that telling your kids what to do is not as effective as showing them real-world consequences to their choices.

The stories in Parenting with a Story revolve around 23 key characteristics that parents and children can both aspire to live their lives by. These include things like ambition, persistence, curiosity, integrity, self-reliance, kindness, and humility, among others. Although this book is generally applied to enhance the relationships between parents and their children, many of these characteristics can also be applied to real-life situations, making it a great read for a wide variety of people. 

Paul Smith now spends his time as an educational and motivational speaker to audiences and companies around the world. He works with corporate leaders to enhance their business plans and hosts a variety of educational workshops and seminars. Smith is still a strong advocate for the power behind the art and science of storytelling, so if you are looking for something motivational or educational, or that will give you better insight into achieving your own goals, Paul Smith is definitely a writer I would consider checking out.