It's A New Year: What's Your Excuse?

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Do your excuses prevent you from accomplishing your goals? Is that barrier a giant wall preventing you from being successful? The wall might be in your way only in your mind. In other words, if you believe the wall is preventing you from being successful, it will.

Always remember, no matter what your excuse is, your goal remains the same. At the same time, no matter what your excuse is, nothing I say will ever talk down your barrier because you believe the excuse be true. I can deliver an impassioned speech, all sorts of statistics, motivational quotes, and even client testimonials; but long as you believe your excuse, that excuse will continue be your obstacle.

For example, you may believe that you don't have enough time to work out. It's a valid excuse but again, it's only an excuse. Consider a study which UC Berkeley conducted with over 7,500 adults. They found that the subjects spent an average of 170 minutes a day (almost 3 hours) watching TV and movies. The minutes spent on all leisure-time physical activities was averaged at 18 minutes. Back to your excuse of not having time. How can you claim you have no time to work out if you are spending 9x more TV watching than on "leisure-time physical activities"?

Again, if you believe you do not have enough time to work out, no matter what I say, I will not be able to convince you otherwise.

However, if YOU try to dismantle your excuse, you, not me, are breaking down that barrier which has prevented you from accomplishing your goal. YOU are ultimately responsible for your habits, behaviors, etc. Only you can justify why you are in the current state you are in. At the same time, only you can find a solution AND find the "time" to workout.

What are you to do?

Instead of coming up with excuses as to why you can't, try to dismantle your excuses. Once your barrier is no longer an unattainable wall, you can then advance towards your goals!


Steven Zahn

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Steve Zahn
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