It's Time to Pursue a Former Passion

Passion is one of the greatest assets of human characteristics. It’s truly invigorating to find something you’re passionate about, discover more about it, and try to make your mark on the world or bring yourself joy. Think about your passions and loftiest dreams you set for yourself. Are these things still a part of the life you’re living now?

Time is the ultimate double-edged sword. With the time we have, we find out so much about ourselves. We find out who we are, what we value, and determine what we want to do. But sometimes we just equate our shortcomings to a lack of time. Some of us, however, pursue that uncompromised vision, and we genuinely try to do everything in our power, only to come up short. The effort we made didn’t take us far enough, so like the others, we succumb to settling.

How did it feel to throw in the towel? Quitting commonly has negative connotations, but it’s not always a bad thing. If you did in fact give a genuine effort into what you were passionate about and it didn’t work out, you might be proud of yourself for trying. Sometimes everyone needs a moral victory. However, take a look at your overall happiness now, is it greater than it was when you were chasing your dream?

When assessing your life now based on when you chasing a truly life-altering goal, you need to eliminate the financial aspect of it. The comfort driven from money is bound to make us happier, it’s undeniable. For example, coming home to the market-rate apartment you have as an accountant for a solid company would make you feel better than coming home than a studio apartment with roaches when you were trying to be an actor. Of course, not all of us are either actors or accountants, but we’re all faced with the issue of compromising. If you compromised, do you still feel as fulfilled now as when you were trying to achieve your goal?

A key component of happiness is that it’s not completely contingent on achieving your end goal. Happiness comes from the pursuit, it’s stemmed from that overwhelming feeling of knowing that there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing. Look deep within, and think about who you were then compared to now. Even if you’re content with the direction of your life, you should do everything imaginable to make sure you’re as happy as you can be. Pick up that lost passion with an unquestionable intent and a persistent effort to succeed. With every obstacle that comes, keep looking forward, and know that the goals you have just aren’t a part of a ideal, they’re an active part of who you are.