Make Monday Your Favorite Day Of The Week

It might sound excessive, but you can actually make Mondays a day you look forward to. It’s simple to turn what feels like an end to the weekend, the start to another great week. When you go into your week feeling good, the rest won’t feel as strenuous, and you’ll forget that Friday is even coming.

Use Mondays For Brainstorming And Creativity, Do Monday Work On Tuesday.

While your instinct are going to be to follow up on any loose-ends from the week before, seeking out people and catching up on projects, save that work for later! Spend your Monday coming up with new ideas, doing the parts of your jobs you really enjoy. Nothing feels worse than waking up Sunday, knowing that the next day you have a big list of chores to get on. Rather, utilize your rested mind for tasks that actually require brain power. Work that should be fun loses its glamour when we save it for the end of the week, having to rush through while we are waiting for the weekend.

Not only will you start putting better work, but you’ll likely start to feel differently about going into work in general. Feeling good after completing work you like, will carry over into busy work. You’ll going into reading your email, following up with co-workers, and completing task with a better mood, rather than going into work you enjoy while not feeling as great.

Take Full Advantage Of The Weekend

When you do not allow your body and mind to rest, Mondays get a lot worse. You need to make a point of not working during the weekend and while on vacation. That means ignoring phone calls, not replying to emails. It might seem suicidal to ignore these things, but your mental and physical health should be given priority. These times are your opportunity to develop healthy relationships, discover and grow skills you enjoy, and to let the stress of the work week fall away.

It can be difficult turning off the side of your brain that pushes us to be constantly thinking about work. For many people, they feel as if their brains hardwired to work. If that is the case for you, use your time off to work on projects that relax you. House work, hobbies, personal projects are all opportunities to put a busy mind to work while allowing yourself to let go of worries.

Put aside deadlines from work, and make yourself rest. Your body and mind needs it. By creating a clear divide of work and home, Mondays will not seem like they are coming too soon. Instead, you’ll have the energy you need to make it a successful day.

Avoid Overbooking Your Mondays

On the whole, I would schedule as little as you can for Mondays. It may even be worth using your Monday exclusively for one task. On a less extreme scale, avoid planning meetings and phone calls for Monday. By opening your Monday you up, you avoid adding too much work too soon. Let yourself warm up a bit rather than launching into a full on sprint.

The more you space out work over the week, or even multiple weeks, the better you will perform. Deadlines are unavoidable, and there is immense pressure to work harder, work more, and work faster. However, you need to retain a bit of control over your work schedule. Leaving time for life outside of work will improve your work. It will give you the drive and passion to continue for the years ahead. It will leave you the energy to make the steps needed to advance beyond your current position and achieve your long term goals.

You can find yourself looking forward to Mondays, and improve your week as a whole. Giving your body the rest it needs and keeping your schedule under control are just small steps towards living a happy and productive life. Even if you find yourself in a job you do not enjoy, taking steps towards having a better week will help improve your mood. Staying positive will help you achieve what you want in life.