Become a Mentor

Inspire, motivate and engage with your audience like never before.

About The Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a unique and powerful partnership platform that allows
influential people and organizations to further grow and captivate their audience.

People are attracted to and often seek to emulate individuals and organizations they
connect to emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually. Imagine your audience engaged
with your goals and adopting them as their own. This is now possible through the Mentor Program.

How Mentors Take The Lead

Use our tools to inspire and motivate your audience

Adoptable Habits
Your audience can follow in your footsteps by bringing the habits that helped you become successful into their lives.
Goal Maps
Have the audience follow your blueprint to success with a customized goal template that you create with each tasks and deadline arranged for them.
Empower U
Write inspiring articles and expand your audience in the process. Your followers receive notifications when you publish new articles and can easily save them for later.

Financial Opportunities For Mentors

Earn recurring commissions for you or your cause. Mentors automatically qualify to participate in our Affiliate Partner Program.
Commissions are earned for all paying subscriptions that occur as a result of your referral.
Commissions can take the form of personal payments or charitable contributions for organizations and non-profits.

Some of Our Mentors

Zoey is a certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor who seeks to spread a positive message of health and happiness.
Steve Zahn is an ACE and NASM certified Personal Trainer that helps numerous clients get fit every day. He's contributed over 150 articles to
Leading a global initiative to preserve the environment and reduce pollution levels.
Published author who dedicates her efforts to helping others capture their creativity.
IHC is a global organization that is dedicated to educating people on how to live healthier lifestyles by emphasizing the importance of heart health.
Soccer club setting out to establish a deeper connection with their fans and help grow the popularity of soccer.
A CEO/Entrepreneur who has become well-known for helping to bring organization in people’s lives.
An organization guiding people along their spiritual journey and getting closer to God.
A Pet Health and Lifestyle magazine that helps pet owners raise their pets in the healthiest and happiest ways possible.