Lifetime Fitness Trainer

Experienced fitness trainer with multiple certifications helping his clients become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves every day.

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

Zoey is a certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor who seeks to spread a positive message of health and happiness.


Courtney Sanders is an author, speaker and expert to millennial women that puts a fresh spin on women's empowerment.

Professional Sports Team

We're a soccer team looking to engage with our fans like never before and grow the passion for our team and the sport of soccer in the process.

Planning Focused Entrepreneur

A CEO/Entrepreneur who has become well known for bringing organization in people's lives.

Faith-Based Organization

An organization guiding people along their spiritual journey and getting closer to God.

Lifestyle Enthusiast Publication

A Pet Health and Lifestyle magazine that helps pet owners raise their pets in the healthiest and happiest ways possible.

Donor Supported Organization

The International Heart Coalition is a non-profit organization geared towards spreading awareness about heart health and stroke related issues.

Goal-Setting Author

I'm a published author seeking to help other writers and artists maintain their creative ambition.

Volunteer Activist Organization

Leading a global initiative to preserve the environment and reduce pollution levels.

Coach | Author | Speaker

Your Guide for Achieving Your Goals and Dreams.

Best-selling Christian author and international conference speaker.

I am a "solutions provider." I coach writers, business people, and Christian ministers in how to expand their horizon of influence, build their personal platforms, to extend their ministries, businesses, and how to better market their products and services and/or products. How can I serve you?

Psychotherapist, writer, and photographer

I am a psychotherapist, writer, and photographer. My formal training is in counseling psychology and creative writing.

Author, Martial Artist, Healer, Meditation Instructor

The process of spiritual unfoldment is first and foremost a process of tuning to the place of greatest harmony within.

Sales Strategist & Assistant Coach to Courtney Sanders

Holistic Lifestyle Maven & Possibility Trainer

Self-Care Expert/Wellness Consultant

Kala Garner (KG) is the Editor-in-Chief of The KG Lifestyle and Co-Founder of BetternessBox. She uses her brands and businesses to empower women through wholistic wellness.

Self-Care Expert/Wellness Consultant

Executive Mentor and Bestselling Author

Hamid Safaei is a bestselling author and certified executive coach who helps leaders, senior managers, and budding entrepreneurs multiply their results by helping them personally grow to the next level.

Author | Speaker | Coach

Pamela Carmichael speaks and coaches on Christian Financial Empowerment, Christian Success Living and other life topics.

Business Relationship Advisor and Writing Muse

The foundation of Divya’s success is that any professional or entrepreneur can achieve their highest goals by building and nurturing relationships.

Consultant | Speaker | Coach

George is the guy leaders turn to for effective change and transformation for business success. Clarity of your goals and having a goal achievement mentality is the key to business success. Your Future is Hidden In Your Daily Routine! ​Focus Each Day on Doing Things Leading You to Achieve Your Vision and Goals

Resident Soul Coach

Coach Keya’s diverse background is the foundation for the wide range of services that she offers to her clients. From practical skills to spiritual connection, they can approach their development with a grounded perspective that incorporates all levels of being so that they create magical results in their daily lives. Helping you balance your obligations with your dreams is Keya’s expertise.