My Enriching Experience with Volunteering

Throughout the years, I’ve done a good share of volunteer work with a variety of different organizations. Every experience has been a positive one, with its own unique story. I was glad I took the time to make a small difference in my community, and hopefully after reading this, you’ll actively look for ways to give back.

My first experience was with the slew of mission trips I did throughout the years. On those trips, I would do things like reconstruction projects, helping the homeless, and simply spending time with senior citizens. These trips were especially good for me because I started going on them when I was younger. It is very beneficial for someone to get out of their comfort zone at a young age. By doing so, you allow yourself to gain perspective. You begin to understand that the world is a giant place, and you’re just a small part of it. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big difference in the lives of others. Another thing I learned that is crucial for everyone to know is the satisfaction from a hard day’s work. These trips were all during the summer, there were some long days working in high temperatures and humidity, but we got a lot done. There were also projects that I was afraid to attempt because I didn’t think I could do them, but I put on a brave face and got to work. There was an immense pride I felt for taking on a challenge head on. I walked away from the site knowing I had given it my all. While I’m still far from a handyman, I was glad I stepped up to the plate.

My second experience was two years I spent volunteering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. I only met for an hour a week with my little, but it was refreshing to spend time with someone who looks at the world so differently. It was neat to watch him learn and discover things that were all wildly new to him. He inadvertently taught me how to be patient, to be excited about the every day, and to always have the desire to learn.

Another thing I’ve done throughout the years is volunteer at certain festivals, particularly work with the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, which has roots in my family. What’s been the greatest part about that is working with people who are incredibly enthusiastic about what’s going on and seeing the joy on people’s face when they attend the festival and the fundraisers held throughout the year. Even people who aren’t familiar with the music are jubilant and pleasant as can be. I really enjoy being a part of an event that brings people from all walks of life together, enjoying the fresh summer air and live music.

If you’re looking for a positive experience in your life while doing something helpful for others. Look no further than volunteering. There are so many different organizations that are looking for help, you can do something good and it can align with your passions. You have no idea what might happen or who you may meet that can create a new opportunity in your life.