Russell Westbrook has entered the fashion industry because 'Why Not?'

Russell Westbrook is one of the best players and most unique individuals in the NBA. Night in and night out, he gives it all, putting up stunning numbers as the new lone star for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Off the court, he isn’t afraid to be candid, having memorable interactions with the media, particularly regarding his opinions on select players such as Kevin Durant and Charlie Villanueva. However, there’s a whole different side to Westbrook that speaks volumes without him shooting a basket or giving a memorable sound bite. With great effort and creativity, Westbrook’s name is quickly becoming just synonymous with fashion as it is with basketball.

Westbrook has always put his best foot forward when it comes to fashion, but people seemed to really take notice during the playoffs a few years ago during his post-game conferences. Westbrook wore shirts and jackets with all sorts of unique prints and different colored glasses without lenses in the frames. At first, Westbrook was mocked for his bold choices by pundits and fans, but any jokes at his expense never bothered him. “I’m confident in the things I wear, no matter what people say,” Westbrook said. Despite the jokes from fashion novices, Westbrook caught the eye of the industry, quickly forming a name for himself.

Westbrook’s world started to open when he got in touch with designers and convinced them to promote their clothing using athletes. Designers were initially intimidated by the prospect of putting their clothes on athletes, worrying that their clothes wouldn’t look good on the body type of someone so muscular. Westbrook helped prove them otherwise, showing them how the physique of an athlete could make their clothes look even better. Now, more than ever, you see a greater amount of collaboration between athletes and fashion brands with Westbrook leading the charge.

Ever since his fashion revolution, Westbrook has gained endorsements from companies such as Levi’s, Kings and Jax Underwear, and True Religion. In the Spring of 2015, Westbrook was named Creative Director for one of True Religion’s advertising campaigns. Today, Westbrook has his own line of eyeglasses called Westbrook Frames, and a clothing line called Westbrook XO, a partner of Barney’s, a luxury department store company based in New York City.

When he’s not lighting up the NBA, Westbrook attends fashion shows all over the world, often sitting next to some of the most prominent people in the industry. At the very first show he attended, he was next to Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine. Today, Westbrook continues to expand his passion for high fashion into a bigger business venture, using his platform to share his ideas and inspire people to become a fashion king.

Westbrook’s venture into fashion stems from his mantra “Why Not?” Anything Westbrook sets out to do things without any fear or hesitation. Westbrook has already beaten odds with his success in the NBA, and now he gets to pursue an entirely different dream that he has a great passion for. Westbrook’s story is proof that one door can open another, and if we all took challenges head on the way he does, we set ourselves up for incredible potential.