Simon Sinek: Break The Rules, Achieve Your Goals

Breaking the rules is not something that people typically view as a good thing. Rules are put in place for a reason, and often times we just accept it without really thinking much about them. We follow the rules set by society because we believe that in doing so, we are doing the right thing. What if you could change the world for the better, or at least change your life for the better, by breaking these rules? What if breaking a rule would lead to a successful and happy life? Simon Sinek’s video on breaking the rules poses a similar notion. He gives a first hand account on how he broke the rules, and the positive outcome that resulted.

The Free Bagel 

Sinek gives an example in his video of how he and his friend both wanted a free bagel that was being offered to all of the runners in the race that they had been a part of. His friend saw how long the line was and did not want to wait. Sinek made the choice to walk to the front of the line and blindly grab two bagels for himself, and his friend. Sinek broke the rules by jumping in front of the other people that were patiently waiting in line. By doing so, he was successful in getting what he wanted. He was able to grab two bagels, one for himself and one for his friend. However, breaking the rules still came with a price. Simon Sinek was not able to choose the type of bagels that he wanted.

Sinek’s maneuver on the surface seems like it was a brash and impatient decision. However, no one in front of him got mad because he didn’t take away their choice of bagel, he was simply focused on the end result. This is where breaking the rules will serve you when it comes to your goals. As long as you’re not hurting others, or denying them of their needs, how you reach your goal doesn’t matter. Breaking the rules gives you the chance to blaze the trail and solve problems like never before.

About Sinek

Simon Sinek is currently involved in a number of different areas, as far as professions. He is a professor at Columbia University, an author, motivational speaker, and is also the founder of SinekPartners  Sinek has given lectures and talks that have served as inspiration to many people; however, the inspiring man that we see today was not always heading down the same career path. Once he set out into the academic world, Sinek earned his Bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Brandeis University. He then attended another school, City University in London, with the goal of becoming a lawyer. Before he could achieve that goal, he left law school and decided to make the jump into advertising. Now, Simon Sinek, along with his team at Start With Why  help inspire people around the world.  Sinek has been invited to meet with a number of different leaders and organizations. Some of which include well known companies like Microsoft and AOL. He has also given some speeches for TED Talks, one of which has over 40 million views and was also translated to an astonishing forty-seven different languages. 

After seeing the accomplishments that Simon Sinek has made over the course of his career, it is clear that he has become a very successful, and well known man. However, he could not have gotten to where he is today without breaking the rules. Typically, people do not change their goals for a career after attending over four years of college, earning a Bachelor’s degree, and starting into law school. Simon Sinek was not afraid to break those social norms and make the jump into a different career. His decision to leave behind the law field may seem surprising to some, but it is a decision that led to a very successful future. By the year 2015, Sinek’s net worth had climbed to an astonishing $15 million.

Break The Rules, Change History

Sinek is not the only person who has reached success by thinking differently, or challenging the norms set by society. Rosa Parks was a woman who did the same as Simon Sinek, but on a much larger scale. She was an African American woman, in a time when being neither of those things were easy. When riding on public transportation, she was expected to give up her front seat for a white man. She was supposed to accept that society deem her to be of a lower class because of her race.  She chose to break the rules. She did not give up her seat to that man, and so she became a well known contributor to the civil rights movement. She knew the risks in breaking these rules, and ended up in handcuffs. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat, but it was worth it. Her decision to break the rules set off a spark that helped other to feel confident enough to stand up for their rights. The civil rights movement took off, and major changes were made to what was deemed “acceptable” by society. As a result of her choice to break the rules, Rosa Parks will be a name that is permanently etched into history.

Whether you’re trying to innovate like Sinek, or be heroic like Rosa Parks, you should never be afraid to break the rules. If you see a chance to change things for the better, weigh the risks and the rewards. Do not let convention  stop you from doing something incredible, or even life changing. Who knows, you may end up giving others the courage to do the same thing. Discover your inner strength and never back down.

Cover Image Credit: TED

  • Marta Gomez
    Marta Gomez
    The metaphor and overall lesson is good, but could he really know if everyone was okay with him just grabbing the bagel? lol.
    March 23, 2019
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    Interesting perspective.
    March 23, 2019