Start Your Journey To Healthier Relationships

A good relationship starts with being comfortable with who you are. While no one is perfect, striving to be your better self will often result in materializing these types of people into your close circle and these are the most rewarding relationships of all, meaningful ones. It is definitely worth the work. Sometimes relationships don't go well and its easy to dismiss them as irritating or beyond repair, but if you think introspectively, you wil discover some valuable knowledge that can stay with you. Ask yourself "What can I learn from this?" and you will start to open up your own psyche to answers you never thought possible. As a matter of fact, you will start to realize that these very people are designed to help you move into your better self.

When you are ready, whether you are aware of it or not, you will begin to create new experiences that draw both of these kinds of people into your life to start the new lessons you have been thoroughly prepped for. If you remember these 4 things, you will find that the growth process will more often than not go much smoother. 

Be honest with yourself

 If you are not already practicing this step, be sure to check any thought processes you may have that can hinder your growth as you move in and out of these scenarios. Your ability to be self-aware and open and honest about your perceptions of yourself, others, and life, will greatly influence your capabilities of mastering this step.

Communicate in all ways

Allow yourself to fully listen, make eye contact, pay attention to body language, and reiterate with questions so that you are able to gather a full understanding of what you are being told.

Let your voice be heard

3. Try to agree to disagree. This shows that respect exists among those involved but please be advised that this is not easy for everyone. If you think your partner is walking down the wrong path, or says something that concerns you, give them your piece. You need to voice your concerns about your relationship in a healthy way so that you give yourself an ability to move forward. Open up a dialogue so that problems don't get swept under the rug.

Try to Empathize

When you listen to someone who is openly expressing their pain, you are providing that person with a safety net and the freedom to jump into it. This allows them to become a better version of themself and gives you the ability to do the same. It also offers up an understanding of the motivating factors behind their behaviors and provides you with a more sound conclusion about how you want to maneuver that situation with them.

Will you come across some that will abuse your willingness to be open towards them? Possibly. However, a simple nudge guiding them to share their authentic feelings with you, and you reciprocating will lead to healthy communication. Engage in this openness with the ones you care about. Be true with others, be true to yourself and expect to recieve the same vulnerability and honesty from others.

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