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What is it that you want most? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? You know, what’s the stuff you think about all the time? Perhaps you want to travel the world. Start a business. Find love. Get out of debt. Quit smoking. Get in killer shape. Learn to fly or buy a new house. There are so many different types of goals, and even though some are bigger than others, one thing’s for sure – all of us have goals. But thinking about your goals is easy, achieving them can be another story. This is where comes in.

Our app brings you closer to breakthrough with features designed to organize your goals, keep them in focus and deliver real results - no matter where you are, using any device. offers both a free version, consisting of some basic features that help you organize your short-term goals, as well as an upgraded version called “Compass” that is far more advanced. Let’s explore both versions.

The Compass program is comprised of many features all working together to, not only help you achieve your goals, but also to spark positive change in your life. Compass will guide you on your journey and make sure you don’t get lost along the way. The features that make up the Compass program are as follows:


Goal Maps: Goal maps are cascading action plans, which simplify your goals by breaking them down into small measurable steps. Current and upcoming tasks are always in focus and progress is reflected real time.

Mobile Coaching: Custom notifications ensure your goals remain in focus. These notes range from task reminders, motivational messages and helpful articles all specific to your goals.

Transformation: This is a year-long program delivering exclusive weekly content propelling you toward your goals. Learn how to conquer obstacles and unleash your true potential.

Habit Tracker: Keep the streak alive! Our habit tracking tool will help you gain and maintain good habits. By building on positive trends your new habits will become a part of your daily routine.

Journal: Great journeys start from within. Discover the power of the personal journal and how it can play a role in the success of your goal-setting journey.

Self-Examination: Get closer to self-discovery with thought provoking questions that challenge you to think deeper about who you are, where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Vision Board: Upload photos that represent your goals. Visualizing your goals is a fun and powerful way to stay inspired.

Weekly Planner
For free users, the weekly planner feature allows you to maintain your own personal to-do list as well as set reminders for your tasks. Although this is technically a free feature, it really becomes alive after upgrading to the Compass program; it then evolves to serve as the epicenter for everything going on in your account. For example, it will highlight upcoming tasks related to your goals, as well display the habits you are working to develop.

Stay motivated by exploring thousands of insightful articles on related to your goals and personal development. Fresh new and powerful stories get added to each day, written by category experts and like-minded individuals.

Share your success, gain support, recommendations, and valuable connections from our community of goal setters and achievers.

As you can see, is so much more than just a goal setting application, it’s a powerful self-improvement environment that aims to, not only keep all your goals in focus, but to grow into the person you desire to be. If you’re looking for positive change in your life, give a try!