The 5 Traits You Need to be Successful


No matter who you are or where you come from, you’ve craved for success at one point in your life. Not only have we yearned for success, but we’ve all felt a stinging agony of failure, we’ve all questioned our self-worth, and we’ve all been flustered as to why we can’t get what we want.

If there’s one key characteristic about success, it’s that isn’t always easily defined. Sure, people can throw metrics at you such as annual salaries, followers on Instagram, or BMI Index to indicate success, but it’s really about how YOU feel within. Ask a small group of people and you’ll find that there’s an unfathomable amount of hopes, dreams, and objectives out there that meet their definition of success.

Even with all these dreams we’re chasing, there are a select amount of traits that can help define your success no matter what you’re after. People who earn seven-figure salaries, people who freed themselves from worry and people who are incredible shape all possess similar traits that have taken them far in life.

Here are 5 traits that you need in order to be successful towards the dreams you’re chasing.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to find your life’s calling. What’s great about finding your life’s calling is that a lot of times wealth and access are thrown out the window. You’re drawn to your life’s calling because you’re passionate about it and you discover a side of yourself that asks more from the world.

Take Steven Spielberg for example, he has gone on to earn tremendous fame and wealth for his career in film, and has gained acclaim for being one of the greatest film directors of all time. However, an important thing to realize is the wealth and acclaim he has earned is really just a byproduct of his intuition.

As a child, Spielberg felt the need to make movies, he wanted to immerse himself in a world he loved so much, and he wanted to entertain. His intuition told him that he needed to become a storyteller.

When figuring out what he wanted to do at such a young age, he wasn’t driven by wealth or accolades, it was his intuition that drove him to success. He wanted to make movies, and he wasn’t willing to compromise. Every dollar earned and every award won is just icing on the cake for getting to do what he loves every day.

Your conscience shouts here's what you should do, while your inspiration whispers, here's what you could do. -Steven Spielberg


No matter what your dream is, you have to be willing to work in order to make it come true. This isn’t a revelatory statement, but it’s where many of us get hung up and fail. A lot of our dreams die because we didn’t have the inner drive to reach our version of success.

There are a couple of key factors that work together to form your ambition. The first is that you have to truly aim high and set goals for yourself. You can’t just haphazardly hope for something and wish it’s going to happen, you have to approach it with all the enthusiasm paired up with as much knowledge as humanly possible.

The second factor of ambition is to have the willingness to blaze the trail, to look to do something like it’s never been done before. There may be millions of people out there who all have the same profession, there may be only one person who others define as the greatest at something, but no one’s path is similar to yours.

What does it mean to be truly ambitious? It means that you fought your way to reach your goals in spite of the obstacles, and got there differently than anyone else had before.

When human beings raise their standards and make things a must, they find the way. - Tony Robbins


All successful people, no matter what they’re attaining, were all consumed by their goals at one point in time. Hunger is what inspires people to work 13 hours a day, hunger is what convinces people to learn more about themselves and the world around them so they feel whole.

Any goal you have needs to consume you, it needs to become a staple of your life. When you have all the desire in the world to become the best you can be, you will see a progression in your life that helps you notice that you’re capable of getting exactly what you want.

Your success or lack thereof is a direct indicator of how bad you wanted to succeed. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to make excuses about why you failed. If you gave up, it comes down to truly not wanting it enough.

Hunger destroys all fear of failure - Dan Lok


Clarity is essential to your success. While you may not always have a nice paved path to your goals, you can always remain single-minded about exactly what you want to accomplish. Throughout the entire process, our goals are rapidly evolving. One of the greatest things that can occur when working towards our goals is the evolution from a goal to a vision.

A goal or a resolution is where you’re aiming to achieve something, but a vision takes it a step further. When you have a vision, you’re actively putting the pieces of your life together and aspiring to be better. Having a vision and having clarity go hand-in-hand.

Disappointment will come, but through disappointment you can find clarity, conviction, and true originality. -Conan O'Brien


While we did mention that success cannot easily be defined, there are some components of success that ring particularly true. You could make an astounding amount of money or have all the privilege in the world, but if you’re not happy with your day to day life, or not passionate about what you do, then you’re not as successful as everyone thinks you are.

When striving towards a goal, everything else that comes along with it needs to be second nature. Intuition will steer you in the right direction, and passion needs to sustain you. Having the chance to wake up every morning and feel invigorated about the direction of our life needs to be the focus. Passion will nourish your growth more than any external factor ever could. Whatever you decide to do, pursue it  with passion.

When you feel so compelled to live out a dream that you give yourself the freedom to fail, you will always attain some level of success.

You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at doing something you love. - Jim Carrey


Always remember that you can work towards all of these traits. While some are more about the feelings within you, you can always strive to pay greater attention about what’s going on around you.

Fuel your desire, never compromise and always work towards a brighter day. You’ll then see just how these traits can come to life for you.