The 6 Worst Habits For Your Overall Health

There are many simple pleasures in life that are so easily accessible that we don’t question giving them up. However, you should consider how these vices take away your time or deteriorate your health. Take a good look at this list, maybe it’s time to reduce your usage of some of these vices or quit using them entirely.

1. Junk Food

Okay, so we’re starting out with an obvious answer, but you really should cut unhealthy food from your diet as much as humanly possible. By all means, treat yourself every once in awhile, but eating healthy is good for you in so many ways. If this is particularly challenging for you, start by eliminating soda from your diet and swap to water. This can be a gradual start to a better diet and has the potential to show you health benefits of cleaner eating.

2. Caffeine

While some things with caffeine such as coffee have some health benefits, caffeine can be quite harmful to the human body. Caffeine is known to take away your dopamine receptors which are the chemicals in your brain that stimulate your feelings of happiness. Also, caffeine is known to cause anxiety and headaches. Try and cut down on your caffeine consumption, and rely on your natural energy to get you through the day. If your caffeine source comes from energy drinks, then you should really stop with caffeine consumption.

3. Naps

Many of us wish napping was a competitive sport because we’d be first ballot hall of famers. However, you should stop napping to give yourself a chance at a healthier daily routine. Naps are honestly a crapshoot. Some of us feel instantly refreshed after, and some of us end up just as tired and as groggy as before. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep in one nice cycle allows for you to become productive throughout the day and form a nice constant routine. Try it for yourself and see what a regular sleep cycle can do for you.

4. Streaming Content (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

It may sound utterly stupid to cut down on perhaps the most convenient form of entertainment today, but these sites are enormous vacuums of time. Try to diversify what you do for pleasure. Go outside, read a book, pick up a new hobby. Define yourself by more than just the shows you watch.

5. Social Media Apps

Speaking of screens, it’s incredible how we get wrapped up in the daily, trivial minutiae of Facebook and Twitter feeds just to fill the small gaps in the day. Most of us are guilty of exercising this glutton, and we need to cut back. In terms of daily app scrolling, give yourself intervals throughout the day for a brief look-see instead of checking every 10 minutes. Every 4 hours seems like a good place to start.

6. Tobacco and Alcohol

Again, this might be considered low-hanging fruit, but if you’re excessively consuming tobacco and/or alcohol, there are numerous health reasons for you to quit or stifle your habits. If you find yourself getting intoxicated 5 times a week it’s a good idea to get that number way down by weening yourself off or seeking help. There are numerous programs that you can get in touch with. Also, if you end up switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes for the rest of your days, you should know that there is no definitive proof that they aren’t as detrimental to your health as regular cigarettes. If you have to use things like e-cigarettes or nicotine patches to eventually quit cigarettes, then go ahead, but don’t substitute one vice for another.

This week, take just one of these things to see if you cutting down on one of these and replacing it with a positive habit improves your life one way or another. You may just be surprised at how good you feel.