The Incredible Story of Leicester City FC

For the many who probably don't know, Leicester (pronounced like Lester) City Football Club is an English soccer team that plays in the Premier League, a league comprised of the 20 best teams in England. Soccer is a sport of very little parody. Since the Premier League's establishment in 1992, only 5 teams have ever won the title. In the NFL, 15 teams have won a title since 1992. Leicester City currently has a 7 point lead in the Premier League with only 5 games to play.

Why is this significant?

To say Leicester City is an underdog is a light way to put it. After barely qualifying to stay in the league last year, Leicester came into the season at 2000 to 1 odds to win the league, and here they are atop the leaderboard.

There are no Wayne Rooney's or Christiano Ronaldo's on this team, they're led by Jamie Vardy, who has 20 goals on the season, and midfielder Danny Drinkwater (awesome last name). And while there no star power on this team somehow they've managed to beat some of the best the world has to offer, and bring a whole new optimism to the teams who never had an inkling of hope. The reason there's so little parody in the soccer is due to the budgets of teams, there are only a few squads who are able to scout superstars and bring in elite players in. The bigger clubs can afford to keep hundreds of players under contract in several academies. Alex Iwobi, who recently debuted for Arsenal, signed when he was 8 years old.

It's a much needed change of pace to see a team that lacks the resources of the world powers that dominate the sport year in and year out. This team hasn't lost a step, and they're continuing to show that they deserve to be at the top of the table. As much as it is personally painful for myself that Arsenal couldn't capitalize on a vulnerable year in the EPL, it's good to see new blood bask in the glory.

Do a little research yourself and see just how massive and unfathomable this outcome has been, and apply it to your team. If you run scenarios over in your head, and your opponent wins 99 times out of 100, you still have a shot to defy the odds. Whether you're a coach or player, you can always rally the troops when the deck is stacked against you and say "Look what Leicester City did."  


The final thought I have for you is to sustain that greatness. Win, lose or draw, Leicester has sustained their epic run, and Claudio Ranieri will prime is squad to peek potential. While winning it all this year would be a phenomenal event, there is still a lot more for this team to achieve and it’s going to be incredibly difficult because there are more teams across the world who are frankly more talented than them. They haven’t and won’t let that stop them, and you shouldn’t either. Whether it’s for a national championship or to win the company softball game, always strive to defy the odds.