"The New Fire" Could Change The World

Good bye to the burning of fossil fuel, nuclear power plants and inefficient electrical distribution grids… Hello to a clean, low cost energy source that can be scaled to meet the needs of plants, complexes, buildings, ships, trains, airplanes, desalination processes, waste treatment processes, recycling processes, homes, cars, stoves, etc…

This week a new US patent was issued to Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corp. for a new fluid heater powered by a revolutionary new energy source. The energy source has become known as cold fusion. It has also been referred to as “the new fire” as it will supplant the burning of fossil fuels for energy.

The discovery was first (and pre-maturely) announced by Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah in 1989. They had difficulty replicating their experiments and failed to convince a skeptical scientific community (with vested interests elsewhere?) of their claims. While Pons and Fleishmann went into self imposed exile, others quietly continued to work and it has now led to a US Patent.

Obstacles to its fruition remain. There are many powerful entities that could feel threatened by the introduction of a clean, scalable, low cost energy source onto the market. Fortunately, there does not appear to be any way for them to stop it. The materials to build and fuel a cold fusion furnace are available to all at low cost. The instructions for assembling and controlling them will soon be posted on the web for all to read. We will all be able to build one in our own garage.

But that’s not sufficient to reverse global warming and all the calamities that it could bring. It deserves, no, demands a level of effort no less than that which we put forth during the race to the moon or which we invest in the national defense.

Perhaps the arrival of Rossi’s patent will cause our research institutions, major corporations, governments and public officials to take notice. Perhaps some of them will decide to take action on their own. Perhaps…

My purpose in writing this article is to encourage readers to look into the potential of cold fusion technology. You can read about the recent breaking news in the following two articles:

A vast resource of information on the topic is readily available on the web. For general information, history, background and breaking news, a good starting point is E-Cat World. From there you can find links to delve as deeply into the subject as you like.

Assuming you also find the cold fusion topic interesting and worthy (if not demanding) of public attention, I invite you to join me in spreading the word. With enough of us getting the word out, perhaps we can help generate a critical mass of interest/support that cannot be ignored.

Thank you for reading!