The Part-Time Entrepreneur (Part 4 of 4)

It is common for people to work multiple jobs and for a variety of reasons. This series focuses on entrepreneurial part-time jobs, and is designed to help those of you who already have a side hustle, as well as those of you looking to get started.

This last piece in our series looks at general tips and tidbits to help make a part-time entrepreneurial job easier and more successful.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is essential to the part-time entrepreneur. If you aren’t naturally an organized person, take steps to put systems in place that will help you stay on track. Everything from finances to resources to simple time management will need to be tracked in order for the part-time position to be a success. Part two has some great ideas for resources to help with this!

Make the Most of the Moments

Speaking of time management, entrepreneurs of any sort need to be efficient with their time. For the part-time entrepreneur, this is even more crucial. Without a regular schedule, take advantage of the time you do have and plan ahead much as possible. Get social media messages lined up to be posted on their own, set up meetings back-to-back when you’re in the area, and challenge yourself to finish your least favorite tasks as efficiently as possible so you aren’t wasting time procrastinating. There are even tools like Boomerang for email that allow you to schedule those to go out whenever you'd like!


Not all of your ideas or products will be successful. That awesome social media post may not get the reaction you thought it would. Providing yourself with a bit of grace will prevent burn out and keep you moving forward, even if its at a slightly slower pace. 

Review and Reassess Often

Along those same lines, taking some time to review where you are at with your side business will keep you grounded and aimed at your original goal. If a project isn’t working, make a change. If the part-time work is taking you away from your family and your motivation is being able to afford family activities, maybe a tweak is necessary. In general, make sure the ends justify the means.

Your Biggest Asset

Your enthusiasm is your best resource as an entrepreneur. Think back to part one when we discussed motivation. If you aren’t motivated to do your choice of part-time job, no is going to be there forcing you to do it. Make sure that at the end of each long day, you are still excited about whatever choice you’ve made. Not every day will be easy, but if you want to be make this choice of job a success, you should enjoy the act of working at it.

What tips or tricks would you offer to someone looking at beginning or improving a part-time entrepreneurial venture.

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