The Perfect Workout to Help You Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

If you’re searching for a great workout that will build massive amounts of muscle AND burn ridiculous amounts of fat, below is a workout that will help you accomplish both while attaining the results you’re looking for. It’s pertinent to follow the workout with this exact sequence.

  1. Squats

  2. Wide pull down

  3. Prone hamstring curl

  4. Db chest press

  5. RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

  6. Db bicep curls (optional)

  7. Tricep extensions (optional)

The workout appears to be pretty typical, but there’s a twist.  You will train one muscle group for 3 controlled repetitions (reps), take 15 seconds recovery, and repeat for a total of 5 minutes.  To find out how much you should weigh, use a 10 rep maximum. For example, let’s say you can squat 200lbs with 10 reps. We would lift at least 200 pounds 3 times in a controlled manner (no explosions or quick movements). Upon completion of the 3rd rep, you would set the weight down, wait 15 seconds, then perform 3 more reps. At the beginning of the set, you would start an independent timer that would run continuously until 5 minutes had been reached. You should have lifted 200 pounds approximately 36 times (plus or minus).  Once 5 minutes has been completed, you finish that station and move on to the wide pull down and follow the same steps.

Keep in mind, once you become stronger, you have to keep raising the weight to feel the same burn as if you were doing it for the first time. It should be really uncomfortable, but it only lasts for 5 minutes.   

Why does this work?

What we are doing is allowing the mitochondria in the cell just enough time to recover and produce more ATP, about 15 seconds. While it is enough time for recovery at the cellular level, it is not enough time for you, the muscle, your heart rate  to recover to normal. Your muscles will be destroyed (in a good way), you will definitely be out of breath, and it will challenge your mental fortitude (pain threshold).

What can you do?

If you are stuck in a rut doing the same old workout, give this one a try.   I put on 13lbs of muscle and cut 10lbs of fat in 4 weeks of training like this 3 times a week. Enjoy!


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