The Rohn Revolution: A Pioneer of Personal Growth

Jim Rohn was born and raised in Southwest Idaho. He grew up on a farm milking cows for a living. He was born with humble beginnings and continued to have honest means throughout his young adulthood until he attained both wealth and personal growth with basic, yet genius philosophies. After he had made his fortune, Rohn discovered a great talent for public speaking and motivation. The principles has inspired thousands of people and have more than likely made his way to you in one way or another.

Part of Rohn’s revolution involved an encounter with girl scout cookies. A girl scout came knocking on Rohn’s door, giving what he described as a very earnest and kind presentation about the girl scouts and how he should buy cookies. Rohn said he had plenty of cookies in the house that he hadn’t eaten yet and that he didn’t need more. This was a lie, as he didn’t have the money to buy a single $2 box of cookies. Rohn felt terrible for lying to this little girl, and he vowed that his life would change from that point forward. He made a vow to work hard and truly make something of himself.

Rohn was still struggling to make end's meat when he found a mentor to look up to. Earl Schoaff taught Rohn several of the basic core lessons that Rohn taught to thousands for his entire speaking career. Rohn wasn’t necessarily satisfied with what he was getting paid at his job, but figured that the pay fit the labor and that was that. Rohn wanted a larger income but felt he could do nothing about it. Earl Schoaff told Rohn that his wages weren’t what the company paid, it was what they paid him based on his qualifications. If Rohn was going to make more money, he would have to look within to see how he could grow as an employee to earn a promotion or raise of some sort. Simply put by Rohn, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

Rohn had the mentorship of Schoaff for five years before his passing and followed his footsteps to success. Rohn made his first fortune by selling nutritional supplements for a company called Nutri-Bio, which ended up having $6,000,000 worth of sales per month and had over 115,000 distributors across the U.S. and Canada. During his success with Nutri-Bio, he discovered a talent for public speaking and teaching, which he then put a large focus on. He went on to inspire people by the thousands, through his simplistic yet powerful seminars and many books on personal growth. He is credited with being a key mentor to people such as Tony Robbins, who is the world’s foremost motivational speaker, and Mark R. Hughes, who started the company Herbalife, which has a similar company model to Nutri-Bio.

One of the most important things he taught people was to work harder to grow personally as opposed to any other venture such as one’s career. When he was younger, he made a goal to become a millionaire, not because of what material possessions it would bring him, but how working to become a millionaire would make him grow as a human being. Learning the value of hard work meant more to him than the money itself. Another aspect of personal growth that he dedicated himself to was to learn new things. This way, if someone loses a job that they’re familiar with, they have another skill to fall back on.

The promise of the future is an awesome force. In the future, problems can be solved. In the future, fortunes can be won. In the future, productivity can be incredible. - Jim Rohn

Rohn passed away in Late 2009, but his teachings have proven to be timeless since his passing. Tony Robbins remembered his mentor fondly. “He gave me a way of looking at life that allowed to me ask not that life be easier, but to ask that I be better,” Robbins said. Take a look at something Rohn has written or watch one of his many seminars available online. You’ll truly be amazed at how easily his principles can be applied, and what kind of impact they can make on your life. There’s no doubt that his teachings will continue to inspire many as time goes on.

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