The Top 5 Considerations When Deciding Home Care For Your Parents

One of the most prized possessions bestowed upon people in their lifetimes is the gift of having a mother. Although often taken for granted, as children age from infancy and eventually into adulthood, mothers are aging as well. There are times when there is the possibility that finding a home care agency for a mother is the best and most realistic option for adult children. However, the selection for the most appropriate home care agency should not be taken lightly.

Here are the top 5 considerations when deciding on a home care agency for your parents

Quality Care Vs. Negligence

One of the most daunting tasks to be undertaken by adult children when selecting a home care agency for a mother is to determine how well or how poorly the agency and their staff are at taking care of their patients. Neglected patients in a home care agency can suffer from various ailments and injuries, specifically if those ailments and injuries are not properly (and frequently) addressed.

For example, bedsores, which are injuries to the skin, have a higher chance of developing for those patients with a medical condition that limits their movements and ability to change positions. If neglected, an elderly mother in a home care agency may develop these bed sores, which can ultimately lead to infections if not properly addressed by the home care agency and their staff members.

Determine How Long the Agency has been in Business

Another important consideration when seeking a home care agency for elder care is researching to find out how long the agency has been in business. For those home care agencies that have been in business for a longer and more substantial amount of time, the adult children will have access to more information regarding the agency. By having more information on a home care agency, miscellaneous yet important things such as personal reviews and testimonies from other adult children with mothers placed in the same agency are more easily accessible. It is key that adult children utilize every possible resource and bit of information when attempting to decide on a home care agency that is most suitable for elderly mothers


When attempting to find the right home care agency for an elderly mother, costs will also be a major consideration to think about. These costs may often be offset by things such as private insurances, which may have perhaps been held by the mother during her years of working through an employer.

There may also be situations in which a financial pre-arrangement has been made in the event that a mother needs to be placed in a home care agency at some point in the future. Costs are also an important consideration because if there happens to be no financial plans, insurances, or incentives in place, then that may place an additional burden on the adult children. Many adult children that may have found themselves in this predicament may have had to make arrangements for their mothers to stay with them or perhaps with other loved ones.

Quality of the Facility

A fourth consideration for adult children seeking a home care agency for an elderly mother is the physical quality of the home care facility. It is imperative that the home care facility is in either superior or, at a minimum, adequate physical condition for the health and security of the elderly mother. Older home care facilities may have faults such as holes or cracks in the foundation or the ceiling, causing environmental elements to enter (such as cold air) the facility. If a home care facility is not well-kept or properly maintained, then there is always a high risk for the occurrence of insects and vermin such as roaches or mice, which would obviously violate various health and building codes.

 Is the Home Care Agency Accredited?

As with any business or industry, being accredited helps to reassure individuals that the business has passed various standards to remain in operation. When seeking a home care agency for elderly mothers, adult children should determine if the facility is accredited by an industry standard. For the home care industry, The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that certifies nearly 21,000 health-care organizations and is recognized as a symbol that represents a quality standard for home care agencies. By selecting a home care agency that has been accredited, adult children can be assured that their loved one is being housed in an agency that has passed the requirements needed.

Before deciding on a home care agency for an elderly mother, it would be extremely beneficial for adult children to pay close attention to these 5 considerations.


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