There's No Invitation to Hard Work

There is no complex, scientific formula to having success. You have to work hard and you have to do it every day. These days, we as a society, and specifically athletes, are always looking for the next best thing as far as how to get things accomplished as quickly as possible. There is no set-in-stone fast-track to success. This article will focus on the second sentence, “You have to work hard and you have to do it every day.

Many of my friends that come from all walks of athletics have been “on a new workout plan” that they just bought from a website or downloaded online for free. There is a common denominator for the individuals that succeed and the individuals that fail. Hard work.

The ones that succeed do it every single day, no excuses and no missed workouts. That is the genesis of improving yourself in athletics. Whether you are a bodybuilder that’s trying to get in shape for a competition, a basketball player trying to improve your free throw percentage, or a quarterback working on your back shoulder throws, you cannot miss a workout.

There is always an excuse to miss a workout.

“I’m too tired after work/class.”

“I’m sore from yesterday.”

“I deserve a day off, I’ve been going hard for like a month.”

No. Absolutely not. Those are the excuses of failures, and you are not a failure. If you want something, you’ve got to do it every day. That doesn’t mean you have to go have an excruciating 2-hour workout every single day, but if your workout schedule has you set to go four days a week, you better make sure you’re hitting all four days as hard as you can.

Do not negotiate a day off. “Well I’ll just skip today and really hit it hard tomorrow.

Absolutely not. Going in and getting a workout in while you’re tired, a little sick, or just not really feeling it is better than sitting on the couch not getting better. You learn more about yourself on days that you don’t feel good and still can work your hardest than a normal day. If you have a competition as a bodybuilder and are feeling a little sick, you’re not going to skip the competition are you?

Imagine Ronda Rousey telling Dana White, “I’m sorry Dana, I can’t defend my title tonight I have a sore throat and need to rest.” No chance, she would step into that octagon as long as she was physically able. That’s what hard workers do, they don’t make excuses for themselves. They find solutions and get things done.

People always bring up “the flu game” for Michael Jordan as one of his most memorable moments. He was told by multiple trainers from the Bulls that there was “no way” he could play game five of the finals. The series was tied 2-2 and he knew he needed to be on the floor for his team. He played 44 minutes with 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 block in the win.

So whether or not you always have a workout buddy, new training program, your protein shake, pre-workout, post-workout, or whatever supplements you might need, get your butt to your workout and get it done.