What is the Significance of Inspiration?

The future depends on what you do today.

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi touches upon some truths about how very important inspiration is when it comes to achieving your goals. Your daily habits are the foundation of your future and you need to be consistently inspired and motivated in order to attain long-term and short-term goals, whether they are personal or professional.

Inspiration is an area of planning and goal setting that can be easily overlooked, but should actually be a key component of your strategic plans for personal growth or professional development. Inspiration is often a highly personal issue and can be found in many different forms, depending upon what has shaped you as a person. What isn’t unclear about inspiration is that it has a profound effect on how you act day to day, accumulating to who you end up being and what you end up achieving within your life.

People that find the same types of things to be inspiring, often also share particular personal traits. Discovering individuals that are mutually inspired by the same ideas or concepts can help you in unleashing untapped personal potential and propel you forward to discovering new ideas, concepts and visions that will not only keep you motivated, but also drive natural inspiration in others. Once you have a community of inspired thinkers or creative minds, goal achievement and surpassing boundaries becomes second nature.

Inspiration allows you to thrive by being driven internally, without having to constantly remind yourself of your goals, meaning that it is intrinsic in nature and grows stronger as you listen to the voice of inspiration within you. There is a direct correlation between goal attainment and people who note that they live inspired lives.

TED Talks have grown incredibly popular due to the power of inspiration combined with social media. You can quickly search the web for a TED talk on nearly anything that you find inspiring and easily find powerful and motivating speakers that will likely spark or fuel your personal enthusiasm levels, influencing you to continue to follow your heart as you work toward your goals.

Athletes often cite the power of inspirational figures or people as factors in their own successes. As a company, Nike long ago recognized the power of inspiration and capitalized on it for their own success. Nike has a strong history of making powerful ads that are inspirational in nature, not necessarily talking about their products, but the ideals that drive the people who stand behind their products.