What's Hindering You From Achieving Your Goals Part 1

There's a reason success stories are inspiring. It's impossible to achieve success without mistakes, rejections, and struggles.  The mistakes, rejections, and struggles mold us to become wiser people; it toughens us to withstand mental, physical, and emotional threats as well.  Nevertheless, knowing this information and believing this information are two different things.  Part 1 discusses the common reasons many fall short of achievement.

Mental Barriers

The brain can process loads of information.  Unfortunately, this works for and against you.  Through family, friends, strangers, social media, and news outlets, our brains developed positive and negative energy.  Unfortunately, negative energy speaks to us the loudest.  Fear and doubt feed off negativity to ensure you stay stagnant.  It causes many to quit, which is exactly what fear and doubt love.  Because it relates to your self-worth and insecurities, it often wins.  This is because:

  • Society's views tell us mistakes are bad and failure is the end of the road
  • Continued rejection
  • We compare our success to others.  It's easy to say their success means more, they achieved success faster, or they make more money.  Their success shouldn't affect you because you are not competing in the same race.  Somehow it does. 
  • We rely on family and friends to make decisions for us. They know what's best for us, yet they equally hinder you because they don't have all the answers.  They shouldn't get the final say because they have separate lives to live.

Physical Barriers

A job offer requires someone to grant you the job.  Bus rides or carpooling may be necessary to attend college.  Renters need a proprietor's approval to stay in apartments.  Everyone needs someone to succeed.  You can't achieve success alone.  Ask for help from trusted people.

Many dreamers rely too much on sticking to the plan.  If goals aren't met by the deadline, it's over.  Because life throws us lemons, sticking to the plan isn't wise.  Plans with deadlines (year only) are fine, but tight deadlines (MM/DD/YYYY) don't allow room for flexibility.  Make room for failure, mistakes, and rejection and learn from them so the plan becomes strong and realistic.

Research won't provide the answers to every question and combat every situation, yet we expect it to.  With so much information at our fingertips, it is easy to become over prepared.  Those people won't take action because everything must be perfect before doing so.  It becomes an over-exaggerated dream that never comes to fruition.

Financial Barriers

Money is a reason goals never get off the ground.  No one wants to chance success because they expect a financial cushion to keep him or her afloat. Besides, it is rare for someone to risk going broke for success. If the money runs low before the goal is complete, the dream is over.  Some change strategy in hopes to keep the goal alive while holding on to the remaining funds.  Both place finance as the motivating factor when your goals are more important.  Money is part of success, but it's not the whole thing.

Goal makers can find at least one reason to relate to in terms of their goals stalling.  Identifying this reason is the first step to redemption.  Conquer this reason first so your mind can focus on the goals set.  Part 2 discusses the approach used in constructing our goals and the approach used in taking action.