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Where are you, Arsenal fans?

Who out there is an Arsenal fan? I know there has to be some goal-oriented Gooners out there! If we act as a team and accomplish our goals, Maybe that good juju will rub off on them and they'll win the league again!
  • Fabian Alwoori
    Fabian Alwoori
    Hi from Turkey I love Arsenal.
    January 19
  • Amanda Morrison
    Amanda Morrison
    I'm a Leicester fan, you know the team that finished in first place last year! I love Theo Walcott though, I still consider him to be a national treasure even though he gets a lot of flack. It helps that he's dreamy as well....
    January 19
  • Alicia Wickland
    Alicia Wickland
    Everyone here loves the Timbers! Maybe I should make a goal to attend a game next season. I've never been!
    January 19

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