Why Arizona Needs To Be On Your Bucket List


Arizona is easily becoming one of America's heavily visited states. From the northern Red Rock Forests to the Southern Hot Desert, there is so much natural beauty that deserves to be seen. Everyone knows about the Grand Canyon, but there are many many other destinations that are attracting more and more visitors with great reason. Listed below in no particular order are various popular destinations that are something you shouldn't pass up if you have the pleasure to visit Arizona.

1. Horseshoe Bend (Page, AZ)

Located in northern Arizona four miles southwest of Page, this bend was carved through the process of erosion by the famous Colorado River. Located off US Route 89 there is a decent size parking lot where you can park your car and head on foot to get to the bend lookout. The hike to the bend is not a strenuous one. It's about 1.5 miles slightly uphill and is perfect for families. When visiting Horseshoe Bend, be sure to keep an eye on your children. The bend has no barrier fences around the cliff, which drops 1,000 feet. Believe it or not, Witnessing this breathtaking lookout wont cost you a dime. This makes it one of the more popular destinations in Arizona. Fellow visitors say the best time to visit the bend is during the late morning. The sun will be in the perfect spot to snap all the pictures you desire. Just keep in mind a picture for this destination really doesn't do it justice.


(Photo by Keepcalmandwanderon.com)


2. Slide Rock Park (Sedona, AZ):


Named one of “America's Top 10 Swimming Holes” by the Travel Channel, this natural red rock waterslide is a popular destination for families. Located inside of Oak Creek Canyon Slide Rock is a state park. They have restroom facilities, picnic areas and even camp sites. The only downside is that no dogs are allowed in the park. The red rock, flow of the water, and the apple orchard it's nestled alongside truly makes this park a thing of beauty you wont see anywhere else.



(Photo by Maria from TripAdvisor)

3. Kartchner Caverns (Benson, AZ):

What started out as nothing but a sink hole east of Tuscon is now a state park that shows all of its beauty underneath the surface. This is a cave under the limestone mountains of southern Arizona that has some of the most breathtaking formations you will ever see. The history behind this wonder is fascinating. Before you go off on your tour you will have time to explore their museum and learn all about who discovered this cave and their journey. The one thing I loved about this park was that they made it entirely wheelchair accessible. You get to explore this cave with a knowledgeable guide and a showstopping light show in their big “Throne Room” will leave you in awe. If you're planning a trip make sure you make a reservation for the tour. They fill up months in advance.


(Photo by Kartchner Caverns State Park) 

4. Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ):

Broken into two different canyons to explore, Antelope Canyon is one of the most heavily photographed slot canyons in America. Both canyons are heavily recommended to explore with a guided tour because you can become easily lost. However, you can explore the lower canyon by yourself. The canyon is in itself a tiny slit in the rock little air circulation comes through so the air will be very still and hot. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather during the seasons. Make sure to make reservations months in advance as this is a very popular natural wonder where visitors come from all over the world.


(Photo by Antelopeslotcanyon.com)


5. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (Payson, AZ):

Northeast of Phoenix, this park is a wonderful getaway for city goers. You must pay an entrance fee, but its well worth it. You have restrooms, picnic areas, and hiking trails that take you from the top of this magnificent bridge all the way to the bottom underneath and through it. The beautiful carved red rock covered in green vegatation is a site all must see. This really is a marvel out in the woods. You must take a winding road to get to the park off the highway, but its a big road and well paved.


(Photo by Christine Till)


There you have it, it's hard to believe that all of these remarkable sites are in one state, but there they are, just waiting for you to take a trip. There's no limit to the amount of fun you have and the beauty you'll see when you visit Arizona.

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