Why You Should Resume The Goals You’ve Set Aside

It’s a bit discouraging, you’re going about your day, feeling alright, when you get a nagging feeling that you have let some goal or dream sit aside for far too long. It can feel like time is quickly running out for you to ever accomplish that dream. Well, it’s not too late. You can pick up those dreams and goals that you’ve slacked a bit on and begin improving your life!

You Gotta’ Start Somewhere

It's something we all know, but it's something you have to make yourself believe. You need to start working towards a goal if you are ever going to achieve it. If your goal is weight loss, then you are going to have to take it day by day. You cannot achieve your weight goal unless you begin, today! You do not have tomorrow, all you have to work with is who you are right now. And the person you are is capable of amazing things. Remind yourself that in order to change your life towards the direction you want, you need to take it day by day.

Set Daily Goals

It's tempting to focus on the big pay off. If you're a musician, you may long for the day that you are filling up venues. If you’re an entrepreneur you may already taste success. However, if you spend all your time focusing and waiting for those far off goals, you are going to burnout and tire long before you ever get there. You need to set daily goals for yourself, and find small ways that you can take steps towards achieving those larger dreams. Not only will you actually begin to feel like you are achieving something, rather than waiting to do so, you’ll be more productive and achieve your dream even sooner.

Understand How Much You Can Do

There is very little that we cannot do if we put our whole selves into it, but a healthy understanding of what is feasible can help direct us to achieve our goals in a way that is practical and possible. We do not want to limit our potential, but simply understand how we can get there. That means taking into account the needs of those who depend on us, our physical and mental state, as well as other goals we are working towards.

If you always wanted to become a professional in sports, but you are well past your physical prime, there are certainly other options available to you. You can begin taking steps towards getting involved in coaching or managing, or train for minor and specialty leagues. If you always wanted to become a musician, you may be past the point where your brain could easily learn to pick it up, but you can still create amazing music if you are ready to put in the work.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, you have to enjoy life. If something feels like it's completely draining you, you might need to rethink your plan. Taking what seems like the most immediate or strongest impulse will not always lead us in the right direction. We need to constantly be analyzing how we feel, making special note of feeling and emotions that seem to be more than temporary blips. If you are constantly regretting a decision or course of action, you may want to consider it more than just little negativity. It's okay to genuinely not like doing something. Do not turn your nose to everything that makes you a little tired or annoyed, but if you find that you are not having fun at the end of the day, it's time to go back to the drawing board!