Why Your Path is Unique and That’s Just Fine

There’s a common blueprint that has been cast by society that many of us try to adhere to with all our might. A lot of people try to etch out and carve a five or ten year plan that they cling so badly too, and it makes so much sense on paper that it gives us this feeling that if it’s compromised then we’re miserable failures.

We certainly can’t disregard planning your life out. There’s a lot of merit to preparing for whatever it is you want, whether it’s a mortgage, a new car or a nice wedding, you can’t hastily act on things like that. Some people can meet the expectations they set for themselves, but perhaps you feel like you’re a bit behind because you’re seeing your peers in pictures posing next to the SOLD sign of their new home, or you’re attending wedding after wedding without a significant other. The fact about life and success is that there’s no rhyme or reason. Certainly you know the things to do to put yourself on the right track, but your path is going to be unique, and if it there’s a lot of means to get to the end, then embrace the journey and all it has to offer.

It’s vitally important not to compare yourself to others. You can be happy for your friend the CPA who used to be your band’s drummer and is now number crunching and making an earnest living. He clocks in daily at 9, leaves at 5 and comes home to a nicely furnished space. Don’t cloud yourself with erroneous thinking that your friend is better than you because he has all this and you just have a demo that hasn’t caught fire. While their life took a bit of a turn, playing it safer by all standards, you can hold your head high that you’re not compromising. If you fail in some way and opt for another path, at least be able to say that you put forth a valiant effort to try to achieve your optimal goal. Another thing that’s important, if you’re passionate about something that has a more unconventional career outlook, do not stray away from it and give up because the deck is stacked against you. Give it your all, and never settle.

When making important decisions, you shouldn’t weigh everything on practicality but how fulfilling an experience will be. When acting on a decision, be wholeheartedly sure that there won’t be an inkling of regret, otherwise a little part of you will always wonder what was. Also, when making a decision involving another person, be sure to think everything through, and go into it without any doubts. This is especially relevant for considering marriage. Don’t do it because everyone you know has incorporated it into their grand scheme, make sure you are ready for that kind of commitment.

It’s increasingly difficult not to consider your standing in life compared to those you know, but if you believe that you’re destined to do something that will make you happy, then keep on the path you’re on. Every dream life varies from another, and some goals are loftier than the next. Don’t react to what others around you are doing, focus on you and your happiness. Even if you aren’t where you want to be right now, if you put in a solid effort, you may find yourself living your dream with a great feeling of pride that you never settled, even when you felt like giving up the most.